Domain Name Registration

Nothing sticks in the mind like a simple easy to recall domain name. Even search engines love it.

Creative abstract global internet communication PC technology and web telecommunication business computer concept: macro view of group of color cubes with domain names on laptop or notebook keyboard with selective focus effect

Over the years we have enables our valued clients to secure the best domain names for their brands.

We do so by booking for the domains early and making sure that we renew them in good time to avoid loosing any.

We encourage our clients to secure the .ke domains as well as the equivalent .com so as to localize their brand as well as secure their brand globally.


All our packages come with a domain of your choice, so make a point of taking advantage of our great rates to secure your domain and begin using your business email today!

Get a ,, ,, .com , .org, .biz , .net , .co , .info , .me , .mobi and many more extensions Today!

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